The most WONDERFUL Suprise!


WELL……Tonight I get home and have the most wonderful e-mail from my client Toya Cade. She was surfing my website and checked out my blog and discovered I’d be in Detroit this weekend. Now I have the honor and pleasure of photographing their baby girl Korrine! Let me refresh your memory– she’s the client who booked me for her Engagement portraits, Bridal portraits, Wedding Day, Post-Wedding Portraits, and Maternity portraits! Whew, a big list right? lol As one of my first clients I owe them the world. They inspire me to continue my passion and they truly are supportive and dear to my heart! I can’t wait to photograph them in Detroit!

Here are some of their beautiful portraits over the last few years:






One comment

  1. Thanks, Danielle! You are hands down the best photographer. You may not now that I have a fear of flying…But I was going to get on a plane to go to Texas just so Korrine could have a photo shoot with you. You are SSSSOOOO worth it. Your creativity is PRICELESS.

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