Boudoir by Donnatella Mackenzie Houston Texas Boudior Photographer

boudior promo

So, I’ve done it before but haven’t had the courage to try it again since 2006 but, here it is………………… Boudior is BACK! 

The Donnatella Mackenzie Boudoir Portrait Experience is like no other. Imagine being immersed in fine lingerie, perfume, soft roses, delicate lace…. Each portrait will be reminiscent of vintage glamour– moody, sultry– revealing little hints to entice his imagination. Choose 3 themes for your portrait experience to create the ultimate “for his eyes only” peek-a-boo album and very special video.

To get started I am holding 10 sessions for $100.  That’s just a fraction of the cost of the full portrait experience!  The sale will be open until the 10 spots are filled.  Ladies if you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift, birthday gift, or “you’ve been VERRRRY goood” surprise for your significant other– then look no further. 

I interviewed a gentleman earlier today about what he thought of the promo video and he said “skin…. soft music… all of that is GOOD!”  So you heard it here first.  Skin is in….


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