Moving Stills {A New Chapter}

Last night I couldn’t sleep.  I mean I really couldn’t sleep.  I was up until 3:34am, like a crazy mad person.  I am sick with a cold but yet I work!  Al, my partner in crime and shooting buddy gave the the brightest idea.  Now we do slideshows for all of our clients– {It’s included in most of my higher end packages}, but now we are delving into video {SCARY}!  But I need to perfect my videography technique before I release it onto the world just yet!

Sooooooo, I thought…’what about a moving picture show that REALLY does resemble video.”  Slow with soft transitions, blured focus, pan, zoom, tilt, shift!…. ok I got overwhelmed but here’s the preview of the show…. It will be available as an add on to any session. 


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