{ lost art found… }

yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?  why would i painstakingly take hours out of a day to percure, purchase and photograph plants just to let them sit on a hard drive and ROTT?  because i am crazy, obsessed and A.D.D!  West Elm had a catalogue come out about 2.5 years ago and in said catalogue were these beautiful photographs of succulents.  i wanted them, craved them, needed them…. but couldn’t afford them. 

i traveled down to ikea and bought a few.  got them home and went to work.  the results were astounding!  but alas, i got bogged down with work.  never put a single photograph up in my old apartment.  what was i thinking………

so 2.5 years later i introduce to you….”succulents: a still life study in beauty”

there are about 50 photographs– i think this calls for a book!






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