Lifestyle Inspiration Board– Vintage Dreamin’

i’ve been on this whole vintage modern kick for a while now.  Jo would tell me not to box myself but hey there’s no boxes here!  vintage can be a feeling, one item, and we all know it’s all modern now a days.  i present to you MY very own Inspiration Board for MY Lifestyle shoot!  yep!  the BF and I are going to take some pictures together REAL soon!  keep an eye out later today for the update to the Board– there will be 3 outfits.  im uber excited– luckily he doesn’t read my blog often ;o( so anything i put on here will be a SHEER surprise to him!

vintage dreamin'


One comment

  1. I got supper excited like yayayay we are taking pictures then I realized it was BF not BFF :0/ lol Cant wait to see what they look like. I love the board!

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