VINTAGE Candy Bar Template

Vintage Chic Candy Bar Wrapper


I heart DIY projects.  I go on $5.00 shopping sprees at the dollar store just to quench my habit for crafts! {no joke, I went today and scored 2 bags of floral moss, a MDF heart cutout, cardboard poster board for an upcoming project, and a little grapefruit drink to sip on while creating!!!}

I love the site for all its projects and downloads.  I was surfing the Ideas section here and found an article about DIY Desert Tables: Macaron Towers

Milcojo asked where they got the candy Bar wrappers from so I decided to to a good deed and make a template to match 2 of the label sets from and Suzie Que’s vintage labels on her flicker page!

Here are two labels for 1.5 oz Hershey Symphony or like sized candy bars!  {I prefer the Symphony bar because it’s yummy}

 download the jpeg or microsoft word template vintage candy wrapper

If you need a custom label feel free to message or e-mail me at




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