sneak peek– discovery green {houston engagement photographer}

i’m supposed to be cooking right now but, i’m blogging instead!

today i processed 500+ photo’s and met with a client, talked shop, made lunch, drove up and down westheimer, chatted to keep BF awake on the way to Clear Lake at 8:00 am, and managed to get myself ready for a party– all with no sleep, sunburned forehead and BAD tan lines on my feet– and did i mention i watched a UFC flight last night, plus did an engagement session and got stood/mixed up for my own portrait session yesterday!!!  i must be loosing my mind slowly

ok, so here goes.  a lovely little shoot with a wonderful couple you can tell are in love!  don’t you just love the couples that don’t have to fake it?!?!!  they had a great time even though we were dying in the heat.  but he wiped her sweat, which is really cute when you think about it! lol

no more delay— peek-a-boo:



  1. All I can say is WOW, thank you (and the BF )so much, for roughing it out in the heat with us,and the sweet comments, these came out amazing, you’re so talented.

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