The 2010 $4k Photography Giveaway WINNER IS……

Well, Not what we expected!  At 11:29, just as we were about to remove the poll from the site, over 1,000 votes came flooding in.  Unusual you say…. VERY.  Since I doubt that over 1,000 people decided to sit and wait until 11:29 pm CST exactly to cast their vote there has to be something awry!!!  There could be no sure-fire way to trust the results. And I trust neither couple is that much of a nefarious techy that they would orchestrate a contest heist!

 Instead of having everyone re-cast their votes and having both couples waiting in misery…. where there could only be one there will now be TWO winners!

The contest after all is about giving back and providing a service for those who cannot afford it.  And since each bride would not have a photographer for their wedding day it is my honor to provide both of them with memories they will cherish forever. 


Congratulations Cari, Shad, Miriam and Craig!


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