Meet: The Wonder Kids– Detroit Fashion Week

Meet MEEK.  The newest Model Developement Agency in Detroit MI.   Terrance Pettis, who is also a model for the agency, is the man behind the scenes; cultivating his models, organizing shoots, and also staring in a few of his own. 

MEEK is a very talented group of young models who are light-years ahead of their peers. I had such a good time creating and executing the vision for the shoot.  We spent most of the day laughing, poking fun, and making some great art.  AND, I ironed EVERY last shirt you see in the photo’s!!  Yes, I can iron with the best of them!


Here’s a peek at the shoot– the model featured is Devonte an 18-year-old prodigy [if you ask me], who was the sweetest kid you ever did see!  He kept smiling the entire time until he had to turn his “model face” ON!  Alexander Ali of Detroit– the fab stylist, dressed and styled each of the models.  He was super accommodating and very friendly.


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