The EPIC Wedding to End ALL Weddings– Miriam + Craig

There is only one word that describes this wedding: EPIC

The flowers, the bride, the groom, the passion, the U. P. it was all….. Romantic, fantastic, and sooooo DIY it was ridiculous. The cake was tremendous. The flowers—stupendous. The décor—tre magnifique! Had it not been for the generous votes of the Project Wedding brides I would have missed out on this opportunity.

I WILL hold another contest next year because it felt so great to give back to a deserving couple. I can’t even imagine how they would have felt if the day went un-captured this way. I want to give a special thank you to Miriam’s uncle Randy Schultz for making this all possible. I am so glad you could sit, relax, and enjoy the day without having to stand in and be the photographer!  More to come tomorrow!



  1. ….yes she is a beautiful bride, and your artistry brought that out with perfection.
    Can’t wait to see more of the handsome couple!

    Next time I see Miriam I will give here a tissue!

    Danielle, this was an absolutely magnificent “give back” you provided for Miriam and Craig. Thank you so very much!

    …oh and thanks for keeping a steady camera! My image stabilization would have had to kick into overdrive for this shoot!
    (LOL can’t believe I just said that to a pro)

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