Father + Son LOVE!– Houston Portrait Photographer


man-o-man, literally!  i was blessed with the opportunity to photograph two of Houston’s most handsome guys this weekend!  Archie and his son were the world’s cutest.  this is REAL LOVE.  dad went shopping to 7– yes SEVEN different stores looking for the perfect coordinating outfit for he and his son.  i think he even got a deal at Old Navy— buy one get one free! 

 location scouting:  i left dad in charge of this mission and woe– when i ask a man if the grass is green and we arrive to a field of umber colored hay i can definitely say men are color blind!  luckily dad had his scope out and found us a little patch of grass in a parking lot [of all places].  we camped under a canopy of trees and started the shoot.  when i looked over my shoulder to see a loading dock with the world’s most perfectly worn fence and beautiful concrete i just died of happiness.  what could be more perfect?  green grass and concrete living in perfect harmony!

so no more writing– just pics.  i hope you enjoy these as much as i do!





Parts 2 and 3 coming later today!



  1. What an awesome job!!! You captured the bond between father and son perfectly. When the son gets older and has these pics to look back on he will cherish these. Great job!

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