I no <3 waterfalls– Williams Tower, Houston Portrait Photographer

so i did it. the most dreaded thing in the world.  i took photos by a water feature.  don’t get me wrong.  waterfalls— the natural ones– are beautiful.  Parisian fountains are gorgeous.  the water flows off staggered, dips, ebbs and flows.  but the man-made atrocities i have seen in urban/suburban areas are just BLAH!  but he convinced me.  he dragged me to Williams Tower in Houston’s Galleria…. and you know what– it wasn’t half bad.  don’t get me wrong.  if a couple asked me– begged me to go there i would still look at them like they have lost their last mind– even though when i ask them to trust me as we go into a junk yard or dirty alley they go willingly ;o)

call it the power of persuasion!

no more words– just pics:


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