resolution ≠ determination– new years determinations

resolution ≠  determination


sounds like [dih-tur-muh-ney-shuh n] –noun

1. the act of coming to a decision or of fixing or settling a purpose.

2. ascertainment, as after observation or investigation: determination of a ship’s latitud.

3. the information ascertained; solution.

4. the settlement of a dispute, question, etc., as by authoritative decision.

5. the decision or settlement arrived at or pronounced.

6. the quality of being resolute; firmness of purpose.

7. a fixed purpose or intention: it is my determination to suppress vice.

8. the fixing or settling of amount, limit, character, etc.: the determination of a child’s allowance.

9. fixed direction or tendency toward some object or end.

10. chiefly law . conclusion or termination.

11. embryology . the fixation of the fate of a cell or group of cells, esp. before actual morphological or functional differentiation occurs.

12. logic .

a. the act of rendering a notion more precise by the addition of differentiating characteristics.

b. the definition of a concept in terms of its constituent elements.

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we all make a list.  every year– a new list sums up what we didn’t do last year.  we look at the past mistakes and vow not to make them again in the new year.  for the last few years i haven’t made any new year’s resolutions.  when i noticed a mistake being made i changed the issue right away.  immediate resolution= immediate result.  this year i have a list of determinations —[see definitions above].  i’m settling a purpose.  this is the year of push.  it’s now my mission statement.  part of my self-philosophy.  and soon to be part of my brand.  this year i vow to push myself physically, emotionally, creatively, and spiritually.  these tenements are paramount.  without coming to a firm determination there can be no resolve. 

this year i am determined to:

  • live with my camera —any and every where i go it goes—it’s my buddy
  • write on my blog—even if it’s just my personal musings about something mundane
  • inspire others to live the kind of life they can be proud of
  • give more of myself in everything i do
  • teach 3 people a part of my skills set
  • care more about my car
  • feel the world that surrounds me
  • invest in what makes me happy emotionally
  • create art from what’s right in front of me 

2011 is my year.  i claim it and make it so.  epic—i can’t use that word enough.  sometimes you just have to make things happen for yourself.  this is the year of push.





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