it’s like CANDY!– homemade candy for Christmas

this Christmas i am making candy for my co-workers and loved ones.  i have done enough gifting throughout the year to last me 4 Christmas’.  gourmet chocolates are always appreciated and this year is no exception.  pair your chocolates with mini cupcake holders for a professional look and box them with tons of tissue paper– this is a key to a great presentation.  i wrapped my boxes in sterling silver wrapping paper– yes it looks like chrome!  with red double-faced satin ribbon and snowflakes.  my closest friends will get the same chrome treatment with 4– yes–4 in lavender-blue silk ribbon!  o-la-la!


take a peek at the candies– white and chocolate covered marshmallows with toffee and mixed nuts, others with coconut.  toffee clusters, coconut clusters, chocolate covered coffee beans, chocolate blueberries, covered pretzels and more!

make something special for the people you adore!




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