Food Love– Houston Food Photographer

i love food.  yes, i admit it.  not all food but most food.  mostly exotic food, lol.  my father would tease me mercilessly about my adoration for anything “out of the ordinary”—he ate his words the first time i made hennessy braised chicken with a cranberry chutney and smacked potatoes with french fried greenbeans!  he told me he had no idea his daughter could cook so well and he ate every bite on the plate.

since i was little i’ve always been a foodie.  i watched julia child on pbs, anyone on the food network, and my mother in the kitchen tool away on her famous maccoroni and cheese or her renown’d potato salad.  i gleaned from them the finer points—the basics and dare i say my ability to try anything.  i remember fondly watching my mother cook “broccoli-a-la-crunch and thinking—“what the hell is this”.  it was simply broccoli, tortilla chips, and velvita cheese.  it was late in the evening—nothing was open and she “improvised” with the ingredients she had on hand! 

improvisation is the key, in my humble opinion, to becoming a great chef.  use what you have right at your fingertips and create something beautiful and appealing.  this is improvisation in action!  enjoy




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