Dante Marshall–The Extraordinary Photographer

photo credit: Dante Marshall

photo credit: Nicole Woods– this is Dante


if i ever had a photography crush—he is the one.  dante marshall—the picture taker, the photographer, the director— the all-around extraordinary talent.  im sure he’s the type of guy to pass through burn rubber [http://burnrubberdetroit.com/] and hang with the collective of fashion forward artists in detroit.  a clique i only wish i was cool enough to hang with! 

 i loved his style before i knew who he was.  it was a few years ago that i was exposed to his portfolio on model mayhem.  i wanted to be this bad ass fashion photographer and shoot the editorials he shot.  i was super excited to find out he was young and talented and from the d [for those who don’t know—that’s detroit].  with portfolio so diverse it’s hard not to want to immulate his style.

 i have to admit for a while i lost touch with the mm world—i focused on weddings – aka “the pretty stuff”.  i miss the edge—the grungy locations—the lighting—hard edged with a little extra bi-pass sharpening for effect—the picture perfect models– everything.  that kind of work is not often seen in weddings. 

 one major influence i have take from his work is the posing—the fresh way he allows his subject to interact with the camera. to me he allows each person to showcase a bit of their inner person but he still is able to mold the experience and elevate it to a whole-nother dimension.   

photo credit: Dante Marshall

its more than dope to know a photographer from your city—its an honor and privilege; to know you come from the same stock.  a city where art thrives even in the graffiti is a beautiful thing.  detroit is by far and wide– underestimated—from its talent to its ability to rise from the ashes. 

 dante marshall is one man you should not sleep on.  i see big things for him in the future;  hell –the man is already doing big things. 

 check out his work here: http://dantemarshall.com

 here: http://iamdante.com

 and follow him on twitter like it was your religion!


 to Dante:  if you read this—you have my support and if you ever want coffee you know im only about 3,000 miles away.  btw, if you are ever in Houston i’d love to photograph you—it would be an honor



photo credit: Dante Marshall



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