Too Haute! – Jasmine Salinas + Donnatella MacKenzie Fashion Photography

it’s not too often anyone can surprise me…. i pretty much can read a person from head to toe in about 2.876 seconds [im going overboard here but you get the point].

when i walked into TGF Hair Cutters in the Heights saturday morning Jasmine looked up at me and said “HI!”– i thought to myself– jeeze she looks young– i hope she doesn’t photograph looking like a little kid!” and then the magic started– she posed and posed and vogued’ and posed some more.  we walked a bit looking for a great backdrop and spotted a concrete wall with an awesome pattern– she struck a pose– i had her to bend her body into the most uncomfortable positions — she smiled all the way through it!  she braved the cold in nothing but jeans and a motorcycle jacket!  she did the damn thing!

when we spotted the red door…. i think we all fell in love at the same time.  as we waited for this small junkyard to open one– we thought one of the guys on the street was telling us goodbye– as we struck up a conversation with him he invited us into his art gallery AND offered his office to shoot in– can you say AWESOOOOOOOOOOOOOME!? 

the lighting was low but enough to push the limits of my high ISO coupled with some slow shutter speeds to compensate– add the uber stillness of Jasmine and voila!  a masterpiece in the making. 

a big thank you to Jasmine Salinas [model]  |  Gracie Soza [make up artist {MUA} ]  | and last but definitely not least a BIG BIG BIG thank you to Felicia Davis [photographer] who is the reason we came out to shoot in the first place– when miss Davis called me up and told me she wanted to shoot i was so excited that i would get to hang with another female photographer– i tell you– it’s a whole ‘nother vibe.  so nice! Felicia– we have to get together again soon and maybe i will get to have the cake i wanted ;o)



  1. DONATELLA YOU ARE AMAZING!! Thank you for the opportunity! I LOVED EVER MINUTE OF THE SHOOT! There is nothing better than having fun while shooting! GLAD I was able to work with some WOMEN PHOTOGRAPHERS showing that women have a creative vision too!!

  2. Yea, these are definitely some hot shots. Makes me want to get behind a lens again. Life’s so busy. But it’s also too shot to be saying “I wish I would have.” Super duper hot stuff!

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