Mommy and Me Session {The Tea Party Edition}

this sunday i got to do something fun– girly and just plain ole cute!  a tea party with a mother, daughter, and a few stuffed friends! 

you never really know how kids are going to react to having their photo’s taken.  Belly, as we like to call her, told me a secret while we were shooting.  she said, “you know, i usually don’t like to have my picture taken cause the thing goes flash and poof, your thing doesn’t flash’ it only goes click!– so i like it.”…. and there it is folks.  if you “keep your thing from going flash and poof”  the kiddos will like you and like having their picture taken…. sooooo simple!

Joanna was super excited about having the opportunity to take photos with her daughter– the chance to capture a moment in time when she’s innocent, pure, full of life, and playfulness.  it’s a joy what i do; to be able to give a mother her hearts desire.  to create a moment that the two of them can look back on years from now and reminisce how much fun they had. 

as i look at the photos and see Joanna’s reaction to them warms my heart.  i wish i had photo’s like these from my childhood.  i wish i had a tea party with my mother at any age.  i’m sure at some point i did but there was no one there to capture the laughs, the hugs, the snuggles, and wonderment of the moment.  as we get older we become more sentimental– at least i do…. and i miss my mother deeply….  so much i’d have a tea party with her in my 20’s lol! 

take a look at the shoot below and comment.  mother daughter love is really in effect today on the blog.   hope this inspires more mothers to take the time to make memories with their children. 

until later,



ps. stay tuned for part 2!


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