Just in time for Easter– Mommy and Me photography {Houston, Tx}

well, we did it again.  except this time we brought the boys!  Shaneka and her son J wanted to take some family portraits together in time for Easter.  yes, its true we had to bribe J with a new Tonka truck and a shiny new bow tie– and even then he was hard-pressed to smile for his photo opp!

donning a pink Ralph Lauren checkered classic button down and casual cargo khaki’s with the worlds brightest white bow tie and mommy in a coordinating pink and chocolate sundress with floral print, we took on the wee hours of the morning to make the shoot happen! 

more and more of my shoots are styled by me– giving my clients a helping hand when they are stumped by the idea of creating a photo-ready outfit.  that’s where my expertise comes in…. i’ve done this a few thousand times– i was a wedding designer for 5 years– styled photo shoots for print and a host of other things besides being a makeup artist too!

enough with the chit-chat! here’s the goods!  comment, like and share this post with your friends!


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