Nature Calls– Hermann Park Photo Walk in Houston, Tx

Some days you wake up and ask yourself “WTF was I thinking?”

Wednesday was one of those days… I decided that it would be a good idea to wake at 5:30 am, Shampoo and style my hair then go on a photo walk with a Photog buddy of mine…. Idiot move– especially since it’s like 199 degrees outside at any given time of the day.  Mother Nature must be pissed this summer  ;o)

So as cranky as I was– off the Hermann Park in Houston I went…. At 7 am in the morning.

Sweltering doesn’t even begin to explain the heat.  I don’t sweat– except that morning I REALLY did.  Mr. Lacy of Arganious Lacy Photography and I shot the morning away.  Both of us focused on wildly different scenery.  It’s funny to watch another person photograph something beside you. 

I look for everything pretty– he was looking for the grunge.  Sky’s and clouds– broken Wine bottles and such.  Hilarity issued as I watch him photograph a Hawk attacking a squirrel.  I had ZERO interest in the 3 of them, lol.


Here’s my take on the photo walk.  I encouraged Mr. Lacy to blog his Walk…we will see if he posts anything!!

Until later…





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