ballin’ on a budget

we all hear about it.  “the look for less”… “mixing high and low”….. etc. but the major problem i have with all the blogs i read is the fact that their LOW isn’t LOW enough!

example here:

high v low

true, in comparison, a $499 lamp is less  than the original $1248 version, and the $79 option is WAYYY more affordable but come on– but who of us regular folk are really buying $500 lamps and shit.  not i for one.  probally not you for two.  my siggestion would be to head over to Target and get this one:

$16.99 Xhilaration® Articulated Task Lamp

better yet, wait until you see it on the clearance end cap and snag it for less than $10 bucks…

so this brings me to my favorite pastime– shopping at the dollar store, target’s clearance section, curb diving, goodwill shopping, thrifting, etc– BKA- Ballin’ on a Budget

ever since i was a child, the dollar store was a staple in our family budget.  from dishwashing liquid to garbage bags, our family never really bought “name brand” or first quality anything.  many of the same great deals can be had at my local 99 Cents Only Store or King Dollar but this time nearly 80% of what I purchase from those stores are name brand items in prefect condition.  overstock pallets allow these stores to buy in large quantity what the retail outlets do not sell at full price.  its a win for me and for them!

my mother, God rest her soul, would even take us “Curb Diving”.  at the time i HATED having to sit in the car with her while she creeped down the streets in our neighborhood or in adjacent ones and gawked at all the things others would throw away on Bulk Day in Detroit.  rugs, cabinets, end tables, TV’s ect would all be cast aside– right at the curb and ripe for picking.  she would force me or my sister to get out of the car and drag whatever object of desire caught her attention, lug it back into the car to inspect it further, and take it home.  OOOOOoooooooh, the embarrassment i suffered in my early childhood because we “Garbage Picked”.  here i was wining “mmmoooooooommmm, nooooooooooo, that’s nasty, dooooooonnnnnt garbage pick”.

here i am eons later doing the same damn thing….

i could go on and on about the same things you read on every other blog here in cyberspace but i will keep your eyes from bleeding. i’m challenging myself to doing a project each week that costs under $20 bucks for drastic changes to decor etc.


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