Gilt-Y as charged– the not so great deals at


so i said it.  the deals are just MEH at  Where they USED to be my destination for a great find every now and then, were loaded up with EXCELLENT promotions — credits up to wazoo, birthday promotions etc…., they are now only another on the log list of Flash-Sale Discount Sites.

Has anyone else noticed their new mandated SLASH-THROUGH PRICE disclaimer?  O, I have.  I’ve noticed 2 alarming things about Gilt

1. They are guilty of the inflated MSRP trick [just like anything on Amazon, Invicta watches, tools, hairstyling products– you get the gist]

2. Private label branding– they buy cheap-ish imported products and resell them under an “invented” brand that they own.

while to you this may seem– not so alarming– combine items 1 and 2 and you’ve got the perfect storm for getting over on customers!

take their RENVY brand of shoes.  they claim a retail value of $275 and a sale price of only $99.  Sounds like a great deal, right?  But if ZERO retailers sell RENVY shoes they have NO retail value– and if they are just a run of the mill Chinese brand with no indication of quality or workmanship, how much are these shoes really worth?  If I can go buy the same pair on Ebay for $26 plus $12.99 shipping, who’s “retail” value are we talking about?!

that leads me to my next point– they aren’t as cheap as they used to be!  there once was a point where Gilt would be about $15 to $20 bucks cheaper than the BEST price shopping around the net.  Ugh no more!  Look at the example below on the Cusinart Juicer listed today.  noticeably they leave out the exact model number so you can’t compare at other places but the photo tells the story of exactly which one to look for!

gilt juice amazon juice

no… it is not a joke.  this is not a test!  that’s the same juicer– just $30 bucks more.  so, no i am not kidding when i say i could order them from Amazon, have them shipped to me for free and re-sell them for $30 bucks more just like Gilt.  ugh– WTH– I will stick to Amazon and my offline discount stores!




its been a long time….. i shouldn’t have left you!

yes. a post. i think it may be the first one this year.


my craft is suffering.  i work too much and don’t have a lot of time for photography.  o but when i do– its majic.  i’ve grown as an artist and i think its time for a new camera and lens!!!


my next trip will need to be somewhere awesome and awe-inspiring.  check out some of the new work.  its been a long journey to get this good…… and it will only get better from here




Freebie Friday! Lightroom Preset and Photoshop Action Combo

this set is one of my fav combos to run on my images.  in Lightroom i use the American Standard Black and White preset to get my image ready and in Photo Shop i fine tune the look with 2 little actions called Wheat and Fade.  yummy warm and cool slightly vintage goodness

simply send an email to and I will reply with the zip folder of the actions and lightroom presets combo!  enjoy!

Addicted to Lux Addiction– DIY Haute Couture Samsung Vibrant Cover!

My Lux Addiction DIY– Samsung Vibrant Cover! 

OMG, talk about addictions.  talk about girly– talk about flirty– talk about crafty!  you all know by now, that i get my DIY on pretty frequently.  for a while i hadn’t found a project that made me want to get it poppin’…… until yesterday when my co-worker Veronica bought a new I-Phone 4.  she had this hideous cover for her phone and was complaining that she didn’t want to walk around looking like a man even if her phone was protected enough to kick across the room and still survive unscathed!

she had me check out and look at the phone covers.  i mean WOW.  sooooooo super fab i had to have one.  but you know me.  im inpatient.  i can’t wait and i didn’t want to pay for a cover that i could have 10x’s the fun making. 

so last night i went through my jewelry drawer and picked out the stuff that i dont wear, was starting to discolor, smelled funny [i have a sensitive nose], or all the many broken pieces and laid them out.  sorting through them i found that i changed from the stones i bought earlier that day specially for the project.  \

vintage rose and gold was calling my name….  i could hear it whisper to me from the cabinets and drawers.  i couldn’t help it….. i cut into a necklace from Forever 21  — chopped the chains on another necklace, pulled a couple earrings apart, de-beaded a charm and 45 mins later i had this:

The Cover!

My Lux Addiction DIY-- Samsung Vibrant Cover!

the camera hole & main medallionthe goods!  broken jewels never looked so good!from the sideclose up

Assorted broken jewelry– i had a necklace with chains that were about 20 ins long, a hoop earing with 5 small charms [a bow, a diamond, gold beads, a hanging chain, and small flower], another broken pearl necklace with metal wrapped pearls, and the large peach/pink statement pearl, an arrow head earing on a chain, cream earring with hanging pearls, and one faceted chandelier earing with quartz colored baubles!

[i purchased extra chrystals and assorted things when i was going with an alternate design]


My Sweet Valentines– Fresh and Fem Valentines Day Fashion

Items in this set

if soft, fresh, and completely fem is the look you want for Valentines this 2011 go for the above flowing dress by Alberta Ferretti.  Cascading chiffon to caress your curves should inspire a smile on any mans face!

Febuary is “Detroit Love” Month

for 28 days next month i will feature the people, places, and spaces in Detroit i have loved and grown to love.  to know my city is to get a glimpse into me and my work.  im so very proud of so many friends from home that i want to showcase Detroit how i see it– a beautiful place to live and play.  stay tuned for many posts and more about the “D”!

Valentines MY way!– Inspiration for Valentines Day

And then there was Spring– Dress to Inspire

we all know in Houston– there really is no winter– we just stay in limbo.  making it hard on the girls who gains a little weight in the winter [cough– ie. me].  what IS great about the “no winter” clause Texas has seemed to worked into its contract with Mother Nature is you get to go from summer to spring.  peep toe booties are in right after august and remain that way until  april/may.  [trust me chile– as soon as it begins to heat up here you want to get anything around your ankle far away from you].  here is my spring inspiration set– enjoy!

Ho Ho Holiday– Dress to Impress Inspiration

Ho Ho Holiday Party Fashion

yea– it’s that time of the year.  the holiday Christmas Party time.  what will you be wearing?  something mundane and business appropriate?– or will you take the risk of being politically incorrect?  i choose the latter rather than the former but, hey– risky business isn’t for everyone!

take a risk and PUSH the envelope