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Gilt-Y as charged– the not so great deals at


so i said it.  the deals are just MEH at  Where they USED to be my destination for a great find every now and then, were loaded up with EXCELLENT promotions — credits up to wazoo, birthday promotions etc…., they are now only another on the log list of Flash-Sale Discount Sites.

Has anyone else noticed their new mandated SLASH-THROUGH PRICE disclaimer?  O, I have.  I’ve noticed 2 alarming things about Gilt

1. They are guilty of the inflated MSRP trick [just like anything on Amazon, Invicta watches, tools, hairstyling products– you get the gist]

2. Private label branding– they buy cheap-ish imported products and resell them under an “invented” brand that they own.

while to you this may seem– not so alarming– combine items 1 and 2 and you’ve got the perfect storm for getting over on customers!

take their RENVY brand of shoes.  they claim a retail value of $275 and a sale price of only $99.  Sounds like a great deal, right?  But if ZERO retailers sell RENVY shoes they have NO retail value– and if they are just a run of the mill Chinese brand with no indication of quality or workmanship, how much are these shoes really worth?  If I can go buy the same pair on Ebay for $26 plus $12.99 shipping, who’s “retail” value are we talking about?!

that leads me to my next point– they aren’t as cheap as they used to be!  there once was a point where Gilt would be about $15 to $20 bucks cheaper than the BEST price shopping around the net.  Ugh no more!  Look at the example below on the Cusinart Juicer listed today.  noticeably they leave out the exact model number so you can’t compare at other places but the photo tells the story of exactly which one to look for!

gilt juice amazon juice

no… it is not a joke.  this is not a test!  that’s the same juicer– just $30 bucks more.  so, no i am not kidding when i say i could order them from Amazon, have them shipped to me for free and re-sell them for $30 bucks more just like Gilt.  ugh– WTH– I will stick to Amazon and my offline discount stores!





IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR!  get ready for your best year.  the dances, the homecoming games, the senior skip days– all the things you’ve dreamed of for 3 years. 

recruiting 2012 Senior Ambassadors– call for details or click over to the 2012 Seniors page to submit your application

Gifts of Christmas Past!

fluffy wrapped gifts in scarves and furry yarn accented by loads of sparkling-glittering holiday ornaments!  this was my Christmas.  no tree this year—instead I opted to a few ornaments to adorn a grapewood branch with gifts and bobbles laying around like a window display at your favorite mall shoppe!

 take a look at these beauties and grab some inspiration for your next holiday decor!



The EPIC Wedding to End ALL Weddings– Miriam + Craig

There is only one word that describes this wedding: EPIC

The flowers, the bride, the groom, the passion, the U. P. it was all….. Romantic, fantastic, and sooooo DIY it was ridiculous. The cake was tremendous. The flowers—stupendous. The décor—tre magnifique! Had it not been for the generous votes of the Project Wedding brides I would have missed out on this opportunity.

I WILL hold another contest next year because it felt so great to give back to a deserving couple. I can’t even imagine how they would have felt if the day went un-captured this way. I want to give a special thank you to Miriam’s uncle Randy Schultz for making this all possible. I am so glad you could sit, relax, and enjoy the day without having to stand in and be the photographer!  More to come tomorrow!

freebie friday!

this is a repost from a previous friday.  this is the Vikki “Quick Page” template for a 4×6 proof box!  i designed the box with a little girl in mind but this would equally suit a family portrait session or a senior!

simply click the image and download the original.  you will be able to import it into photoshop and customize away!!!

want more customization?  purchase the FULLY editable template for only $25

worth the wait! {w+m houston engagement}

it took me long enough! [yes, i think 2 days is a long time!, lol]

i love my job!  i got to spend a great afternoon with a lovely couple who are very much in love.  he’s my hero for reporting some dude who threw some UFO at me, lol.  i have no idea what hit me in the face off the Hotel ZaZa balcony but he stuck up for me!  thanks a bunches and … here’s a few extra for your trouble…



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