about me





photography is my passion.  i love what i do. plain and simple.
life should just be fun, spontaneous and enjoyable without all the fuss of perfect hair and such!

each of my clients share one main commonality– they all want to look fabulous in their photographs.  whether they want urban contemporary or classic glamour works of art; the mission is the same. my philosophy is very simple– PUSH.  push for love. push myself further with each body of work i am commissioned for. push for new ways of seeing things– pushing outside of the frame.  push to create more memories. push to make them last forever. push for moments of joy. push for purpose.

i wasn’t always a photographer.  i started off coordinating weddings and fell in love with the entire experience.  planning a wedding teaches you to delve into the details– to see what’s behind the scenes.  i believe my history with weddings gives me a better insight into the day.  it enables me to be present for every moment.  my favorite moments of a wedding are the getting ready process and the couples portraits– the funniest part is to watch the differences in the men’s dressing room vs the women’s!

i studied fine art photography at the university level– developing and printing fine art prints by hand with no digital manipulation. film IS beautiful.  often in my work i capture portraits reminiscent of traditional film.  timeless in their appeal.  every photograph of mine is not technically perfect—just as life is not perfect. i strive to capture a definitive moment in time. a split second—framed forever.  real joy lives in these moments; frozen.

* my favorite photographs are a custom sepia tone with rich chocolate hues

* i prefer weddings with beautiful details but brides & grooms who have a flare for the exciting

* i rarely like “the traditional”

* i prefer lowercase letters!

* between photographing weddings, people, places and products I love to redecorate my house over and over again.……and again………

* on any given weekend you will find me crafting something out of nothing.  remixing and remaking—upcycling if you will.

i love hearing from my colleagues–want to collaborate? so do i! email  me {@} donnatellaphoto@gmail.com or call me at 713.364.9410


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