one-2-one mentoring

one-2-one mentoring sessions

dying to get better at shooting?  feeling the need to get over that proverbial hump?  have an idea for a shoot you just can’t seem to execute yourself?

over the past six months, the emails have been flowing in from photographers, asking questions about  actions and presets, how to shoot, how to pose, how to brand…

each session is held on a Sunday or Tuesday morning.  you have me for the day.  we focus on what you need most.  if it’s retouching skills, perfecting your detail shots, gear questions, or working with a live model– we do what you need to get you to the next level.

primarily designed for photographers who are just starting out, need to revamp their skills, or are stuck in a rut!  one-2-one will cover everything from branding to Lightroom.  you will leave with a goodie bag full of actions and templates to start you on your way.    all you’ll need is your camera + computer!  the rest is taken care of!

one-2-one is only $545 for the day and also includes a mini photo session for you– every photographer needs a great headshot for their website!  plus you get email and phone follow-up after the session in case you get stuck!

have a few friends who are just starting out?  group sessions are also available for $445 per person

if you’d like more information or you’d like to sign up, please send me an email at:

come hang out with me!




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